Vinicius Electrik Eurorack Modules At SynthPlex 2019

At SynthPlex 2019, Vinicius Electrik debuted their Lizard System Eurorack modular synthesizer.

We talked to product specialist Quincas Moreira (Synth DiY Guy), who gave us an overview of the Lizard System and an in-depth look at two of their more unique modules, the Lizard VCO and Multiwaves modules.

  • The Lizard is a power hybrid VCO. It can be used as an oscillator, sequencer, clock and more.
  • The MultiWaves module consists of a hybrid VCO/LFO with a 1MHz sample rate and two fully analog LFOs. It also has an independent Noise Generator. The VCO/LFO can generate eight waveforms in LFO Mode and seven waveforms in VCO Mode.

Audio Demos:

Details on the Lizard System are available at the Vinicius Electrik site.

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  1. You’ll go blind looking at that thing, without any visual cues and contrast of things – it will be necessary to maneuver it with muscle memory.

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