New Multitimbral Digital Polysynth, Buzzzy!

Frédéric Meslin has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of Buzzzy!, a 16-voice multi-timbral digital polyphonic synthesizer.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

Despite it’s simple appearance, Buzzzy! is an advanced 16 voice polysynth capable of a broad and beautiful range of tones. It is fast and immediate, ideal for use onstage and for instant music production.

For the oscillator, choose one of the many variations of Pulse tones, FM timbres, grainy Waves or filtered Noises. Then, adjust the amplifier envelope, pump-up the volume and top with some prime quality effects.

Buzzzy! features 4 powerful oscillator engines, 9 built-in audio effects (with reverbs, delays and filters), a fast arpeggiator and offers 16 save slots to store your multi configurations.

Coming with an extensive MIDI implementation, Buzzzy! will be the perfect match with your hardware or mobile software sequencer.

Pricing and Availability

Buzzzy! is available to project backers for €196.

8 thoughts on “New Multitimbral Digital Polysynth, Buzzzy!

  1. I don’t know what to think of this. On one hand: limited controls, somewhat cringy design. On the other hand: it sounds great! Reminds me of an old school string machine. Maybe this is a more versatile version of the Streichfett?

  2. That Buzzzy looks nice. All the best for Frédéric and his little Synthesizer. Too bad I just spend my money on a similar small digital polysynth… But there are still 32 days left to save some money for this one 😉

  3. This little boy looks relatively average (the engineer says that the faceplate will be updated, so there’s hope here), and actually sounds awesome. I was not exactly expecting this kind of sound for a boutique and super cheap machine, but there it is, this thingy rocks.

  4. Hallo!

    I am Fred, the dev behind the Buzzzy!

    And thank you very much for your positive comments.
    An artist is actually reworking my “artwork” and I will be soon able to introduce new designs for the front panel on the project page. My skills are more related to DSP programming and electronics, as you have realized 🙂

    I stay available to answer all your questions related to this instrument.

    Have a great day!

  5. the good: sounds pretty great, multitimbral, nice effects, super small footprint, midi DIN input.

    the bad: too few controls (also, pots: value jumps?), limited MIDI implementation, FX steal polyphony, no midi OUT/THRU (synths like Shruthi-1 have them combined with a single port, wich is quite useful), only 1 stereo out (I can kinda live with that), limited preset storage for it’s features.

    I still think for the money it’s really interesting and I wish Fred the best 🙂
    There are not many multi timbral options around for a reasonable price…

    Maybe if he reach his goal we can someday see a deeper (and obviously more expensive) version (Fred if you’re reading this, feel free to email me if my suggestions or opinions help in any way 🙂 )

  6. Great project and great presentation. The faceplate has a no bs straight forward design and that is what true art is supposed to be.

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