Mutable Instruments Braids Renaissance Firmware Overview

This video, via natura rerum, takes a look at Braids Renaissance, an alternate firmware for the Mutable Instruments Braids Eurorack module.

Braids Renaissance adds the following algorithms to Braids:

  • Software Automated Mouth, also known as SAM. The classic robotic text-to-speech engine originally written for the Commodore 64.
  • Five new diatonic chord algorithms.
  • Five new “chord stack” algorithms.
  • NVRT setting, when enabled, reverses the encoder rotation. This improves functionality on DIY Braids modules that were build with an encoder with inverted signalling.

The alternate firmware is available as a free download.

Topics covered:

00:38 – Changes from original firmware
01:03 – SAM 02:33 – Stack algorithms
04:08 – Chord algorithms
05:55 – Timbre knob functionality
07:45 – Closing words

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