BUZZZY! Multi-timbral Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

The latest loopop video takes a look at the BUZZZY! – a 16-voice multi-timbral digital polyphonic synthesizer.

Production of the BUZZZY! is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign.

Video Summary:

BUZZZY! is priced around the Volca range, is smaller, and yet is four part multi-timbral, with a filter and space or delay effects per part, four different sound engines (Pulse virtual analog, FM, “Bitcrushed wave” and Noise, with up to 16 voice polyphony, and it sounds quite good too, especially for a digital synth.


0:00 What is Buzzzy?
1:45 Inputs & outputs
2:05 Panel overview
3:10 Sound control
3:45 Pulse
4:05 FM
4:35 Wave
4:55 Noise
5:40 Envelopes
6:15 Looping envelopes
6:40 Part level and pan
7:20 Effects overview
9:40 Filter types
10:20 Space/Delay
12:55 Arpeggiator
15:05 Pros and cons
18:45 NDLR Jam

5 thoughts on “BUZZZY! Multi-timbral Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Nice little machine. Although 235€ is 50% more than the Volcas.
    If he just had used encoders, at least for the filter/reso knob. The main part of using hardware is better access to the parameters, which ist not given here. And a synth with no filter envelope is also quite limiting. The most interesting thing is the arp per part, I hope they fix the said sync/timing issues.

  2. Hi!

    This is Fred from Fred’s Lab. Thanks for your comments!

    The Buzzzy! is not meant to be a substractive synth, the Filter can be used as an effect or an EQ.

    There are no sync problems if you use an external MIDI clock (USB or DIN).
    What Loopop underlined in his video is that it is yet difficult to set the exact same Tempo on different parts, using just a pot. I am going to find a practical solution to this problem.
    It’s difficult to compare the machine with the Volcas price-wise as the Buzzzy! is multitimbral, it has 16 voice of polyphony, the case is made of wood and aluminum and it is entirely designed and assembled in small batches in Germany.

    Have a great day!

    1. I have the buzzzy, and this little guy sounds different to anything I hear from any other Vst or other synth. This little Synthesizer is just great and yes 16 polyphonic is very relative! If you use any effect, and the filter is also an effect! ?this is a little bit sad, your polyphonic synth goes dividing your voices for the fx. But what do you expect for the price? The filter is really beautiful! I could certainly use my modular System to add filters and fx from the mixer or daw. But how far do you want to go? I like experimenting, thats why i bought it, and I do not regret. I make music with it, and not to much experiments, so I am not the professional synth tweaker, I am more a player. The Buzzy is a great Instrument, usable in many ways, with not many but beautiful sounds. I hate libraries with 14000 sounds, this is really a Bad idea. What do you want with 14 thousand sounds? Wasting time, thats it! Work and play, dont be a slave of soundlibraries or always the newest synth on the market. If you noticed, there isnt very much really new to the market, here a 303 recreation, and a Prophet and Mini and this and that….. is this really new? Or just the reinvention of the wheel again? What are you waiting for? Go and play your Synthesizers, try to get good friends. Go and get to know each other.

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