‘The Unborn’, For Theremin, Synthesizer & In Utero Heartbeat

Swiss thereminist Coralie Ehinger (aka Therminal C) shared this music video, The Unborn, created in collaboration with her unborn child.

Technical details:

Heartbeats recorded with a fetal doppler, via modular system (Ears module – Mutable Instruments).

Noises : VSC3, Eurorack (Braids), Kalimba

Bass line : Buchla Music Easel

Melody : Theremin processed via Les DiffYUseurs pedal

8 thoughts on “‘The Unborn’, For Theremin, Synthesizer & In Utero Heartbeat

  1. Love this! Ehinger brings so much confidence and power to her performance. The music seems like a lullaby for her future child. It reminds me a bit of the mood on Raymond Scott’s Soothing Sounds for Baby.

  2. Ok, that is one of the most original and cool ideas “butt” let’s hope some doesn’t try and top it with a flatulence microphone. Try and get that image out of your head. My apologies to everyone.

    1. James

      Everybody knows that it’s trivial to do something crass.

      Pointing this out doesn’t add anything to the discussion that people don’t already know – it just suggests to people that you don’t have anything better to add to the discussion.

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