Arturia Microfreak Review With Stimming

In the latest Telekom Electronic Beats video, German synthesist Stimming shares his thoughts on the new Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer.

The MicroFreak is described by Arturia as ‘a peculiar, exceptional instrument that rewards the curious musician’.

Here’s an intro to the MicroFreak from this year’s NAMM Show:

Pricing and Availability

The Arturia MicroFreak is expected to be available Spring 2019, priced at US $349.

7 thoughts on “Arturia Microfreak Review With Stimming

  1. Mate, the dice and spice doesn’t seem to work when the unit is plugged into a Powerbank. Give it AC and u LL see !

    1. More specifically, the unit needs to be earth-grounded. It’s such a fundamental thing for the operation of the touch bits that I’m surprised Arturia allows it to be USB-powered at all. It will be a tech support nightmare for them!

  2. Arturia did not intend for this machine to be powered by USB. They provide the correct grounded plug for AC current only. The USB port is for connecting to a DAW, not a powerbank. They do not support the use of adapters to connect to powerbanks. Any damage to the instrument due to powering it incorrectly can and most likely will void the warranty.

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