Dreadbox Nyx v2 Synthesizer

Ahead of Superbooth 2019, Dreadbox has introduced the Nyx v2 – an updated version of their semi-modular duophonic synthesizer.

The Dreadbox Nyx v2 is an all-in-one design, offering dual oscillators, flexible dual filter, 3 loopable envelopes, reverb and 30 patch points.


  • Analog Paraphonic Synthesizer
  • 2 Oscillators
  • White Noise Generator
  • Auto-Tuning Function
  • Extremely Flexible Dual Filter
    from simple 12dB/oct Low Pass, up to 24dB variable width Band Pass
  • Multiple Routing Options
  • 3 Loopable Envelope Generators
  • Drone mode
  • Modulated Reverb, ideal for Ambient sounds
  • 30 patch Points

The Dreadbox Nyx v2 is priced at 539. See the Dreadbox site for more info.

5 thoughts on “Dreadbox Nyx v2 Synthesizer

  1. Beautiful!

    But not only it’s sounds – dredbox synths are highly visual appealing – which makes the interface a joy to use!

    1. It would have been nice if a company like dreadbox always came out with completely new products instead of revisions, so that nothing fully replaces something that came before it.
      That way people would not start hesitating and think that there might be a new version coming If one just holds out a bit longer.

      It is better when companies leaves people thinking, “I want that as well”, instead of “I would have wanted that instead”.

      Or that the more feature rich version is a lot more expensive, so that one has to make a decision based on one’s economics, but then they should be launched (announced at least) at the same time, leaving the active decision to the customer.

      I get that they changed their production method, but perhaps they should have just done a new version of the old hardware using surface mounted components, with identical functionality if they think there is demand for the product that they could not fulfill using their old production methods, and left the new features for completely new products.

      1. Actually I’m all good with companies – especially boutique operations like Dreadbox taking the opportunity of a change in production method to add some bells and whistles. Essentially – this is a customer-driven approach – trying to maximise their offering at any one point in time. Besides – owners of NYX v1s and Erebus v2s STILL have fantastic, useful, great sounding synths.

  2. I love that DreadBox release successive iterations of their products, improving them, adding tweaks and a slightly different feature set – much better than creating an endless series of clones!

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