Drum Synthesis With A Eurorack Modular System

In this video, via Bastl Instruments, Nikol explores drum synthesis with Eurorack modular systems.

Here’s what they have to say about the video:

Nikol starts with explaining the simplest ways of creating drums and percussive sounds and then moves on to a complex three layer drum patch that is animated by a multichannel sequencer, resulting in interesting monophonic beats.

The animation is basically defining eight different values at each step of the sequencer, and sending those value groups (or macros, presets) to a drum engine, that consists of a VCO a noise source, two VCAs a high-pass filter, three voltage-controlled envelopes, and a sampler. Values like volumes, pitch, envelope lengths, and noise filtering are all controlled by the sequencer. Drums are an essential part of many kinds of music.

By building your own drum engine and beat animation, you can create a truly unique sounding rhythm section with its own artifacts and kinks, advancing your experience and style.

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