Schmidt Analog Synthesizer Gets New Arpeggiator, Sequencer & More

At Superbooth 2019, we talked with Product Manager Axel Fischer, who gave us a quick demo of the latest updates to the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer.

Schmidt recently announced the availability of version 2 of the Schmidt Analog Synthesizer firmware. In addition, they were previewing new arpeggiator and sequencer features at Superbooth.

The Schmidt is designed to be a ‘no compromise’ analog synthesizer:

“Schmidt is the dream come true of an engineer dedicated to sound. A synthesizer, conceived and perfected in close collaboration with musicians and music producers, brought to life in the most uncompromising way imaginable.

Schmidt is a thoroughbred analog eight-voice polyphonic synthesizer with unison and true multitimbrality mode. It sports full MIDI implementation with USB port and complete programmability. The signal path is fully analog with precise digital control.

Schmidt´s sound generation engine features virtually everything that subtractive synthesis is endowed with – and even more: Schmidt gives you truly unique features that have never been implemented in an analog synthesizer before, not to speak of polyphonic units! Think of Multi-PWM and Multi-Ring Modulation.

Every single parameter – even for the most complex modulation routings you might envisage – can be accessed directly using dedicated frontpanel controls and switches. No more browsing through mind-boggling and confusing menues.

Thanks to programmable high-quality realtime controls (pitch and modulation wheel, stick controller, and aftertouch, as well as several inputs for footswitches and expression pedals), Schmidt has become a real performance synthesizer that feels as good as it sounds.”

For more information, see the Schmidt site.

13 thoughts on “Schmidt Analog Synthesizer Gets New Arpeggiator, Sequencer & More

  1. Of all the new polyphonic analog synths out now, this Schmidt synth rocks my balls out the park. I want this machine! It sounds incredible. Stands on its own plateau. It’s alive. It has a conscience.

  2. Well – I built my studio with space for 4 Schmidts, and I only have 3, so I guess I have room for one more. Meanwhile, I am sleeping in my car and eating dented cans of cat food……

  3. I’ll take two of these upgrades Schmidts. They will go nicely with the three I already have. I hollowed out a fourth one to use as a dog bed; I don’t count that one in my synth collection.

  4. How is this company staying afloat with the multitude of great analog machines currently out!? Even if I had the cash, this is far from top priority spending

    1. There is no ‘multitude’ of great analog synths, there’s only a small handful of truly great ones, and then a multitude of good ones.

      I don’t understand the butthurt of so many synthesists over the fact that there’s a healthy market for professional and high-end synth gear. There’s more gear that’s affordable now than ever before, too.

    2. Making niche premium products is a good strategy for small companies.

      These go for $21,000 and they’ve sold a million dollars worth of them. And they’ve made a modern classic.

      Brilliant work!

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