Free Web Events To Explore History & Future Of MIDI

As part of its ‘May Is MIDI Month’, The MIDI Association will host a pair of live web events, on the history and future of MIDI:

The Early History of MIDI -1981-1985
Saturday May 18 at 3 PM Pacific Time

The people who originally created MIDI discuss the turbulent early days of MIDI before it became the established standard it is today.


Anne Graham, Brian Vincik, Chris Meyer, Dave Smith, Domenic Milano, Jeff Rona, Michelle Moog Koussa, Paul Lehrman, Ryan Alexander Diduck

MIDI 2.0: The Future of MIDI
Saturday, May 25 at 10 AM Pacific Time

Members of the MMA MIDI-CI and Protocol working groups will explain their vision for the future of MIDI.


Amos Gaynes, Andrew Mee, Dave Starkey, Florian Bome, Franz Detro, Mike Kent, Phil Burk, Rick Cohen, Tom White

See the MIDI site for details on the events.

3 thoughts on “Free Web Events To Explore History & Future Of MIDI

  1. The future of midi is going to look exactly like the past. nothing ever happens with this and seems slower than any establishment pretty much..

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