Gamechanger Motor Synth Available To Pre-Order May 28 For $749

The Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth – introduced at Superbooth 2019  – will be available to pre-order starting May 28, 2019 for US $749. 

The retail price is expected to be $1,299. 

At Superbooth, we talked with Gamechanger Audio’s Ilya Krumins, who gave us an in-depth demo of how it works.

The Motor Synth produces sounds by accelerating and decelerating eight electromotors to precise rpm (revolutions per minute), that correspond with specific musical notes. The instrument’s eight-electromotor configuration allows for four-note polyphony, with two voices per key played.

11 thoughts on “Gamechanger Motor Synth Available To Pre-Order May 28 For $749

    1. I think it sounds really interesting – but would like to see different types of demos, especially to see if it has a ‘less aggressive’ side.

  1. $799 yes, $1299 no. $900 is the top price for this, above $1000 it becomes a toy. I am sorry to say it so harshly but I believe that is the reality of the market with so much competition. This has a lot of novelty (good) but to appreciate it you need experienced consumers who will ‘get’ why it is cool. Nobody will ever buy this as their first synth and it’s not going to be anyone’s primary synth either – it’s a side piece with a drum machine of some sort for hard music. But that’s not a market of people who like preset sounds too much and they have other options to dirty things up.

    OK, that’s the negative – but I do have high hopes for it, I do think they’re coming up with really interesting designs and seem to have a good grip of the manufacturing. It’s a very cool product and it may be that they’ll do better targeting the collector market than I expect.

    1. Always great to hear completely uninformed opinions about how companies should price their products!

      Funny, though, how the biggest targets of this sort of BS are Moog and Teenage Engineering, who are both selling as many synths as they can make.

      Maybe you could blame that on ‘sheeple’ or ‘hipsters with too much money’!

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