Tangerine Dream’s Peter Baumann & Paul Haslinger Join Forces As ‘Neuland’

Composers Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger, both former members of Tangerine Dream, have announced a new joint project, Neuland.

Baumann was a member of Tangerine Dream during the ‘classical ‘period in the ‘70s, while Haslinger was a member from 1985-90.

Here’s what they have to say about Neuland:

Neuland translates into ‘New Territory’ and reflects the unusual musical and visual landscape at the core of this project.

Neuland was designed as a sensory exploration at a time when many aspects of the landscape of electronic music have come full circle, as the origins of popular electronic music are rediscovered and re-contextualized by a new audience. “We ultimately don’t know where this path will lead us, but we enjoy diving into the unknown,” says Haslinger.

The group’s inaugural release, titled Neuland, is scheduled for release later this year. It will contain a double-album’s worth of material, and be release on all platforms, including special edition vinyl. A series of special live events to introduce the projects are planned in conjunction with the release, with a potential tour following in 2020.

You can preview a track, The Lost Chord, from the upcoming album below:


6 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream’s Peter Baumann & Paul Haslinger Join Forces As ‘Neuland’

  1. Sounds good to my ears. They’ve got more from the album at their site.

    I love the modern TD-inspired bands, like Redshift, and this sounds like it’s going to be in that territory.

  2. Can you have a ‘super-group’ with only two people in it? back in’t day the was called a duo. Guess you need to hype it a tad to get people interested, sign of the times? Fairly good stuff from Paul, but not so sure about Peter’s input here, again the old sing-song children’s ditties that don’t go anywhere or develop into anything emotional. Bit harsh perhaps, but I really hoped that they could have come up with something more interesting, especially given their track-record in Tangerine Dream, where Paul especially produced some gorgeous truly emotional melodies. Too early to write them off, this is solid enough, but not the second coming.

  3. Peter was always an artist with a very strong personality and it did come across in the great TD albums of the 70’s (just listen to Green Desert – Froese and Franke’s aborted album while Baumann was away, enough said!) . You just have to listen to TD’s Sorcerer and Stratosfear too to notice his ever growing influence on the band towards the end of the 70’s, as well as to his overlooked productions (here again late 70’s), whether it be Cluster (Grosses Wasser; one of their very finest albums and very Baumannian even in its art work!), Conrad Schnitzler (Con which could almost be considered a Schnitzler/Baumann album), Asmus Tietchens (Nachtstücke not far off Trans Harmonic Nights in its germanic atmospheres) and 2 Roedelius (Jardin au fou and Lustwandel for which he worked so hard that, according to Roedelius, “he got sick with tonsilitis”). All these albums have THE Baumann touch, the very recognisable less-is-more signature and this “uncluttered lines of sounds” approach as Stephen Iliffe put it in his great book on Roedelius, “is legendary”. The few tracks available from the Neuland project are mindblowing (Moons ago is brilliant). Schnauss and Quaeschning’ d watch out! Well done guys, you make electronic music exciting again!

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