Learn Instrument Design From Roger Linn & Sasha Leitman

Roger Linn

Roger Linn let us know about an upcoming workshop that offers a rare opportunity to learn instrument design.

Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) is hosting a workshop on Designing Physical Interactions for Music Mon, 06/24/2019 – Fri, 06/28/2019.

The workshop, held in Stanford, CA, will be taught by Linn, creator of the LinnDrum, MPC and LinnStrument and composer/inventor Sasha Leitman.

Here’s what the organizers have to say about the workshop:

In this hands-on, practice-based workshop you’ll build new tools for music creation and explore new methods of physically interacting with computers to make music.

Participants will design and build working prototypes with the aim of developing these for performance and exhibits. Further issues to be explored will include modes and mappings in computer music, exercises in invention, and applications of sensors and electronics to real-time music. The workshop will be augmented by a survey of existing controllers and pieces of interactive music.

Sasha Leitman

This workshop is intended for: Musicians or composers interested in exploring new possibilities in interactive music in a hands on and technical way; Anyone looking to gain valuable skills in basic analog and digital electronics, with a focus on invention; OR Makers, engineers, computer scientists, or product designers interested in exploring artistic outlets for their talents and collaborating with performers and composers.

Alongside physical interaction design, the workshop integrates programming, electronics, audio, and interactive music. Participants will learn how to use some of the basic tools of Maker community, including the Arduino platform, sensor technologies, communication with MIDI and Open Sound Control (OSC), and physical interface design.

The workshop will cover industry-standard resistive, force-sensitive, capacitative, optical, ultrasound, magnetic, and acceleration sensors. We will also teach participants how to make their own sensors with custom geometries constructed out of materials such as conductive fabric, copper tape, piezoelectrics and everyday objects.

The 5-day workshop is priced at US $500. See the Stanford site for details. It’s one of a series of CCRMA summer workshops, which include sessions on Max/MSP, algorithmic composition, neural nets for music and more.

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