New Instrument, ATLAS, A Map Of Different Music Cultures

Rast Sound has introduced ATLAS, a new Kontakt library that features sounds of 14 different music cultures.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

ATLAS has solo instruments, patterns and build up kits from 14 different music cultures including Africa to Andalous, Balkans to India, Middle East to Jakarta and more.

This massive 1200 sample collection comes with an engine where you can select and combine instruments and patterns from different regions to play.

Here’s a demo of creating a track using ATLAS:


  • 2 GB + download
  • 1200+ Samples
  • 300+ patterns as stem kits
  • 30+ solo instruments

Note: Requires Kontakt 5.8.1

Pricing and Availability

ATLAS is available now for €59.00.

3 thoughts on “New Instrument, ATLAS, A Map Of Different Music Cultures

  1. I am interested in what people think ‘culture’ is. I think is looks like a pretty pretentious presentation of mostly some ‘simple’ stringed instruments. Is ‘culture’ just ‘other stuff’?

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