Scoring ‘Chernobyl’ Using The Sounds Of A Power Plant

In this excerpt from On Score: The Podcast, composer Hildur Guðnadóttir explains her unique process of creating the score for the acclaimed HBO mini-series Chernobyl.

Guðnadóttir based the entire score on sounds she and her team recorded in a power plant in Lithuania.

3 thoughts on “Scoring ‘Chernobyl’ Using The Sounds Of A Power Plant

  1. Fascinating insights into her composition process. Still haven’t seen Chernobyl. And I can’t wait for The Joker!

  2. Wow really? Fascinating?
    I usually love these type of vids as I am always curious about how others do stuff but man this was like pulling teeth. The interviewer even asks at one point about her actual process and she goes on and on about listening?
    And then it turns out she didn’t even do the actual sampling someone else did? I’ve sampled tons of physical locations and this weekend I will be sampling at the supposedly haunted Preston Castle. Would have loved to hear about what gear they used, stuff like that. No offense intended, but for me, the video really offered nothing of substance IMHO.

  3. Interesting. That is a phenomenal show and I encourage anyone who can to watch it. Must say that the soundtrack captures my attention quite often. Cool to have some insight into the process.

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