TTSH Synthesizer V4 (ARP 2600 Clone) Now Available To Pre-Order

SynthCube has opened pre-orders for the Two Thousand Six Hundred (TTSH) v4 synthesizer, the latest version of The Human Comparator‘s ARP 2600 clone.

SynthCube is making the TTSH v4 available in five versions:

  • Assembled and Tested: includes one-year warranty (preliminary pricing US$3499)
  • Full Kit Including Case: PCB Set, Panel, Full Parts Kit, Metal Case- everything you need to build a TTSH (preliminary pricing US$1499)
  • Full Kit Less Case: PCB Set, Panel, Full Parts Kit, No Case (preliminary pricing US$1299)
  • PCB Set + Panel + Case: source your own parts (preliminary pricing US$699)
  • PCB Set + Panel: Source your own parts and make your own enclosure (preliminary pricing US$499)

TTSH v4 includes the following updates from V3:

  • Corrected the Pin out for the 2N3954/8
  • Corrected the missing trace on the filtercard 4072
  • Corrected the bc558 wring pinout on 4012 VCF Card
  • Corrected the ‘via’ filling that created issues with jacks
  • Add mainboard VCF header missing -15V power
  • Add mounting hole for Gatebooster PCB standoff
  • Removed dimming autostart on LED
  • PCB set includes Gatebooster and VCO Synch sub-PCBs; full kits include necessary parts for those sub-PCBs

Pricing and Availability

Pre-order deposits for each option is $199. Expected availability is July/Aug 2019. See the SynthCube site for details.

32 thoughts on “TTSH Synthesizer V4 (ARP 2600 Clone) Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. The $3499 for an assembled tested unit in the case is an extremely good price. That’s in line with the cost of a full restoration and rebuild.

    And the $1499 for a full kit with everything is a superb price.

  2. This looks cool, but there’s no official demos. That’s a lot of money to spend without watching a demo.

    Anybody got good demo video links that they can share?

    Also, is this project doable for someone with experience putting together some synth modules, or is it more engineer level complicated?

    1. Assuming it’s a circuit clone of the original design, it’s a huge amount of soldering. Compare to a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle or the $800 Millennium Falcon Lego set.

      If you use sockets for the ICs then you eliminate much of the risk of damaging parts. To calibrate it you really are going to need an oscilloscope.

      Doable for someone with past experience with synth kits. For those uncertain the fully put together price is really not bad.

    2. There are suggested videos right below the article that link to a time lapsed build and videos containing sound demos.

      These are very well regarded among synth builders.

      1. those are from patch I ..all sound ttsh made during build,calibration process and first usage 🙂
        finally it was awesome to build, and gives my a special relationship to my synth. better than just buy one finished. at least for me. but it was a lot of work and took me a month in sum but i don’t see it really at work, soldering its more relaxing

  3. why not just wait for the uli 2600? It’s already been leaked by Behringer. I have played most of their clones and they are incredible, especially the Odyssey and 808. Hate to say it but the Clone Wars are over, the Empire has won.

    1. Why exactly would you wait for a big company to release their synth for cheap if you already have it up your sleeves and this might be the last option to sell it? The Empire is slow and has promised soooo much yet released so few! Also: why buy it pre-built if you have loads and loads of fun building it yourself? I really don’t get it!

    2. Due to their unethical behavior, particularly their using the Chinese state’s power against journalists and labor organizers, and their misuse of the US courts against their perceived enemies, not only will I never buy anything from Behringer or any of Music Group’s other companies, but I will not collaborate with anyone who uses their gear, nor recommend their music. You can support power mad sociopathic Nazi type thinking individuals like Uli, but I won’t work or associate with you.

      1. @Rabid Bat: You realise that most of the things you use contain components made in China, if they are not entirely produced over there? So what´s the point?

      2. I’m aware of many of the controversies surrounding Music Group, but could you explain “using the Chinese state’s power against journalists and labor organizers”?

        Not challenging you here, I just don’t really understand what you’re referring to, i.e. a specific incident or China-based manufacturing in general.

    3. Behringer released images today of their 2600 today. My guess they will be showing it off during the holidays. Behringer rebels might as well surrender now and join the darkside. Their synths sound excellent and they are basically giving them away for nothing, I can now afford to buy back all my vintage synths I sold and also buy the ones I could not afford like the 2600!

    4. Why not just wait? Because most people are smart enough to avoid anything with a Behringer logo. Vintage gear from the 1970s is still working. Good luck getting your Uli 2600 repaired in the year 2059, most likely they will all be sitting in a landfill.

  4. Right on Rabid Bat! The issue of the Uighers can no longer be ignored by people looking for cheap goods. Stand up for what is right. Any society that will put 1 million people in a concentration camp, is one no company should help.

    1. I think you are confusing “politics” with “reality” – synthesizers and drum machines aren’t created with fairy dust and we should all seek more, not less, information about how the world works.

  5. I will skip this one and waiting for the $699 Behringer version. Machine produced will be more reliable than soldered by hand anyway.

    1. Mass-produced SMT PCBs are designed to be disposable, and are much harder to repair for typical DIY’er.

      If you build something yourself, though, you’ll be able to repair it easily, if anything ever should go wrong.

  6. Really glad to see SynthCube stepping up to keep this project alive. I have avoided the TTSH in the past due to all the kludges that had to be made but it seems that this version fixes all the problems.

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