1010music Blackbox Touchscreen Sampler Now Available

1010music let us know that they are now shipping Blackbox, their new, standalone sampling music workstation.

The Blackbox is a standalone sampler and groovebox that lets you record, save/load, apply effects and edit one-shot samples and beat-sliced loops.

You can record hours of audio and loops, and then record sequences by tapping on pads, playing a virtual keyboard or by playing an external MIDI controller. You can also create notes using the Piano Roll editor and touchscreen interface.

Sequences can be chained together to create songs. You can mix your arrangement using built-in stereo effects. And you can save sounds, sequences and songs as Presets for easy recall.

Blackbox is designed to compact and rugged for using on-the-go, but can also integrate with your studio gear, with MIDI I/O and Clock via USB and TRS, an audio input, three audio outputs, plus a Headphone/Stereo Output.

The microSD slot lets you expand memory to record up to hours of songs, jams, and performances. And Blackbox comes with gigabytes of premium samples and loops by SoundTrack Loops and Loopmasters.

Blackbox was introduced earlier this year at SynthPlex 2019, where designer Aaron Higgins gave us a quick intro:

Video Demo:



  • Record/edit samples and sequences to create songs via a fast, intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • Expandable microSD memory slot for importing WAVs, hours of audio recording/playback time and saving samples and Presets.
  • Combine loops with different tempos using built-in BPM synchronization and beat-slicing.
  • Play one-shot samples and loops from pads and/or a virtual keyboard.
  • Create and edit sequences using a standard Piano Roll interface.
  • Connect external hardware via USB to expand performance and control capabilities.
  • Compact and “nearly indestructible” design.
  • Sound library of beat packs with loops and one-shots by SoundTrack Loops and Loopmasters.
  • Input/output connectors to easily integrate with other studio and live sound tools: MIDI IO and Clock via USB and TRS, one 1/8” Audio In, three 1/8” Audio Outs plus a 1/8” Headphone/Stereo Output and USB power.

Here’s an overview from Jason Donnelly of Soundtrack Loops, who helped create the Blackbox sound library:

Pricing and Availability

Blackbox is available immediately in the U.S. from 1010music and resellers, for $599 USD, and is expected to be available world-wide by 6/15/2019.


13 thoughts on “1010music Blackbox Touchscreen Sampler Now Available

  1. Definetly not the best sound set used to demo this machine.A general midi sounding overdose.
    Really poor sounds but a great machine.

    1. I think it offers a lot for the price point.

      12 pads (samples), 4 stereo outputs (or 1 stereo and 6 mono outs), midi in/out, clock in/out, mono/stereo samples of any size, sample chopping (think sample chains), live looping, sequencing, two send effects, Ableton live style clip launching to play multiple samples. Memory limited by only the size of your SD card and can be powered by a usb power brick thus making it play anywhere. Can act as a USB host for drum pads and midi keyboards. It’s got a lot going for it and will no doubt have more added to it.

      Not saying the Digitakt isn’t a good sampler, it’s just a different feature set. The BB lacks LFOs and decent sample editing. The Digitakt excels at sample editing, manipulation and it’s sequencer. However, it’s mono, has a finite amount of memory and only has a single stereo output It’s probably got a better interface though.

      1. Digitakt might offer a bit more, but this offers a lot of bang for the buck, too. Maybe a better comparison would be the Model:Sample?

        I checked it out at SynthPlex and was very impressed. It’s built very well, and seems a lot more easy to use than any Elektron box I’ve tried.

  2. Ordered mine yesterday. I’m not too much into the touchscreen, but what this thing can do is pretty cool. Will make a great addition for my travel setup. cant wait to see what other people do with it.
    Great job on this 1010music!!

  3. I saw this at Synthplex and was really excited about it until I realized it only plays two clips at a time. I wanted this to serve as a live looper/clip launcher, but only two clips at a time it’s just not enough. . . (it has four-voice polyphony for samples, though, so if your main intended use is to sequence samples, then it’s a great tool).

          1. I’m afraid I don’t think so, although I’d really hope so. Are you assuming this or do you have one on hand and can verify this? I can write to the company, but the manual is pretty clear. Thanks

            1. Page 47

              Maximum Number of Voices Supported

              Blackbox supports 4-note polyphony for pads in Sample Mode, and 2-note polyphony in Clip and Slicer Modes. Nothing in blackbox will prevent you from trying to play 4 voices on all 16 pads at the same time. However, the CPU can be overloaded if you play too many notes at once while also using sequencing and fx. You can reliably play 16 voices across all pads simultaneously. Beyond that, you may encounter some sound quality issues like crackling. The exact breaking point depends on whether effects are running, the CPU load and other factors.

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