Recording Sequences With The 1010music Blackbox

This video, by John Park, takes a quick look at recording sequences with the new 1010music Blackbox.

The Blackbox is a standalone sampler and groovebox that lets you record, save/load, apply effects and edit one-shot samples and beat-sliced loops.

Key Features:

  • Record/edit samples and sequences to create songs via a fast, intuitive touchscreen interface.
  • Expandable microSD memory slot for importing WAVs, hours of audio recording/playback time and saving samples and Presets.
  • Combine loops with different tempos using built-in BPM synchronization and beat-slicing.
  • Play one-shot samples and loops from pads and/or a virtual keyboard.
  • Create and edit sequences using a standard Piano Roll interface.
  • Connect external hardware via USB to expand performance and control capabilities.
  • Compact and “nearly indestructible” design.
  • Sound library of beat packs with loops and one-shots by SoundTrack Loops and Loopmasters.
  • Input/output connectors to easily integrate with other studio and live sound tools: MIDI IO and Clock via USB and TRS, one 1/8” Audio In, three 1/8” Audio Outs plus a 1/8” Headphone/Stereo Output and USB power.

Pricing and Availability

Blackbox is available now in the U.S. from 1010music and resellers, for $599 USD, and is expected to be available world-wide by 6/15/2019.

7 thoughts on “Recording Sequences With The 1010music Blackbox

  1. Not sure I like the menu diving. But note editing looks useful.

    What does “nearly indestructible” mean? Like a McMillan instrument:, waterproof, and run-overable?

    Not sure if he said it in the vid… Midi sequencing? How many midi channels? ?

  2. You can set any pad to any midi channel. I’m on day one with this thing and there are some things that are a little frustrating and lacking – like don’t bother with the reverb – but I’ve loaded an insane amount of samples into something about the size of a CD and rathee than just looping it really encourages song composition, and fairly easy to use.

    1. yes, you can set each pad to receive on it’s own midi channel. i’ve been using drumkat to send midi triggers from each pad to a different cell. works like a charm.

  3. Hope to have one shortly to take over from my exhausted mpc 2500.
    I hope there will be arrangement facilities in a future upgrade that will enable an atari cubase style track late out.
    Seems perfect design.

  4. Yeah man, great box for the price.

    Streams 24bit/48k direct from SD card. For a hi quality playback device that runs of a USB charger for hours and hours it’s fantastic. Your USB controller (quneo/ keystep etc) plug directly into it’s USB port and powers off it.

    Not sure you’d call it single channel.
    You can run 16 midi or 16 audio or any combo.
    3 stereo outs (can be treated as 6 mono) plus headphones out Can record and loop back while running a sequence. Has a song mode that is quite usable. Has baby ableton vibe about it almost like a clip view. Sequences can be odd lengths. Can analyse a loop and cut into slices placing them chromatically on the keyboard REALLY easily.

    This thing has just come out but the makers are very pro-active engaging with users and implementing wishlist features very quickly. seems like there’s updates monthly ATM adding functions and improving workflow.

    Yeah, it’s not an Octatrack or an MPC, they already exist if you want one.

    This is a great little reinvention of the wheel, and VERY intuitive to use compared most software and hardware samplers and synths.

    Well done 1010music.

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