How To Import MIDI Drum Loops Into Hardware Drum Machines

The latest loopop video takes a look at importing MIDI drum loops into hardware drum machines.

Video Summary:

As drum machines and sequencers get more advanced, one of the most requested features I see people ask for is the ability to import MIDI clips. Yet still most drum machines and sequencers don’t support this feature, which is a shame because there are plenty of MIDI clip/loop libraries out there with excellent content, many played by real drummers with obvious human groove and feel, which is quite hard to program manually.

This video offers a workflow to “import” MIDI clips into practically any modern drum machine and sequencer using a DAW and a simple MIDI transposition effect. It then shows how you can quickly find loops in at least one large database – using the “tap to find” feature in Toontracks’ products.

Topics Covered:

0:00 Two problems: Lack of MIDI loop import support and finding loops in large clip libraries
1:00 The trick: How it works
1:50 Figure out the notes in the source MIDI loop
4:00 Create a translator
5:05 Record the loop on your drum machine/sequencer
5:50 Getting timing right
6:40 Another example – using the digitakt
7:45 Quantization
8:20 Finding loops fast with EZ Drummer

5 thoughts on “How To Import MIDI Drum Loops Into Hardware Drum Machines

  1. If you’re use this method, then maybe it’s better to just stick to using your computer and not use a drum machine.

    1. But what if I did all of that on my computer already and I want to import it to my hardware for a dawless jam?

  2. Just a thought. This could be handy, but I want a drum machine that operates like a turing machine, one where a user can “lock in” aspects from controlled randomness. I think it would open up a whole new level of pattern generation. Also use of euclidean rhythms.

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