Thor Polysonic Synthesizer – The Complete Walkthrough

This series of videos, by Zombie Fights Shark, takes an in-depth look at Propellerhead’s Thor Polysonic Synthesizer.

The Thor Walkthrough series is a 28-part series of videos, covering all aspects of Thor. Each piece of the synthesizer is covered, with many example patches created for users to experiment with.

You can download all the patches featured in these tutorials for free (name your own price).

5 thoughts on “Thor Polysonic Synthesizer – The Complete Walkthrough

  1. Thor is a good va-synth. It is also a good reason for the props to get their shit together and produce a scalable GUI for their rack. It almost vanishes on modern computer screens. When Reason came, it was no problem – we had low resolution small computer monitors. Reason was ok back then.. But hey! This is 2019.

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