Novation Summit Synthesizer Live Stream Demo

In the latest episode of Novation’s Beats & Bytes live streaming demos, Enrique Martinez takes a look at their new Summit keyboard synthesizer.

The session starts about 1:45 into the live streaming session.

Martinez explains how the Summit compares to the Novation Peak synthesizer, covers the features of the Summit and answers common questions about it.

Details on the Summit are available at the Novation site.

2 thoughts on “Novation Summit Synthesizer Live Stream Demo

    1. Enrique does videos as part of his role at Novation, and also shares his thoughts on making music via his personal Youtube channel.

      It’s becoming fairly common for product reps to do videos as part of their job as well as on their own. For example, Korg’s Nick Kwas did a ‘Modular on the Roof’ video series and Roland’s Ed Diaz has shared a series of his own synth tutorials.

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