New Live Video Series On The Percussa Super Signal Processor (SSP)

Percussa has announced a new live streaming video series, focusing on their Super Signal Processor (SSP) Eurorack module.

The SSP is a flexible uber-module that combines powerful computing, DSP and audio I/O.

The series is hosted by electronic music producer Matthew Hodson (MATTHS). It will consist of multiple in-depth videos highlighting everything the SSP is capable of: sampling, granular and wavetable synthesis, external and internal CV modulation, MIDI control and CV generation, sequencing, effects processing, multichannel recording, FM and traditional subtractive synthesis.

Each video will focus on a different aspect of the SSP. The videos will also cover polyphonic and multitimbral patch design.

The first live video was streamed via YouTube Live on Sunday June 16th. You can view the first video in the series below:

See Hodson’s Youtube channel for future SSP videos. Details on the SSP are available at the Percussa site.

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