Moog Synthesizer IIIP Modular Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

The latest Sweetwater video takes a look at the Moog Synthesizer IIIP Modular Synthesizer.

The Moog Synthesizer IIIP is a limited-edition reissue of the original, using the original manufacturing techniques and NOS parts.

In the video, Sweetwater’s synthmaster, Daniel Fisher, demonstrates what you can do when you combine the most powerful currently-produced Moog synthesizer, the Moog Synthesizer IIIP, with the Moog Sequencer Compliment B Portable Expansion Cabinet Reissue.

7 thoughts on “Moog Synthesizer IIIP Modular Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Maybe DANIEL can do that, but if I suddenly had this Moog in my den… remember “Forbidden Planet,” when Robby the Robot locked up and sparks started zooming around in his head? That’d be me for at least a week. You too, admit it! I’m afraid I’d under-utilize it. One of those deserves a working studio as a home. Cue the Moog Awe.

  2. I have to wonder… would it be possible (or financially sane) to build an 8-note polyphonic keyboard and a synth with eight groups of 3,4,5, or even 6 oscillators, stereo mixers with the necessary inputs for each oscillator of an oscillator group feeding into a second stereo mixer mixing down each group into a dual set of low pass and high pass filters, etc., etc. You could potentially even have a Master Master oscillator controller that could control all of the oscillator controllers locking them in to keep them all in tune with each other (I know, we are talking about custom modules now). Of course, plenty of multis to rout all of the control signals around too. It would be a PITA to patch but boy, what sound one could get out of this beast. This thing would probably heat my studio on a -30 degree day and cost me $500/month to operate.

  3. Now THAT is a synthesiser. 5U is a great scale, nothing looks cramped or fiddly. Yes you have to move to play it. So move. Enough interesting features to make you wonder where 50 plus years of development have gone? It makes sense the way a Buchla is a struggle and that’s from a Serge owner

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