New FX Plugin, PORTAL, Designed To Make Granular Synthesis More Musical

Output has introduced PORTAL, a new Granular FX plugin that’s designed to resynthesize sounds to give you a result that’s more closely related to the original input.

“With PORTAL we aim to flip the script on granular synthesis,” says Output CEO, Gregg
Lehrman. “This powerful engine takes a method that has previously been out of reach and
impractical for many musicians, and makes it accessible and easy to integrate into the creative process. Less random bloops and bleeps and more creative music making.”

Pricing and Availability

PORTAL is available now, for Mac & Windows, for US $149.

9 thoughts on “New FX Plugin, PORTAL, Designed To Make Granular Synthesis More Musical

  1. Granular is quite often implemented in convoluted forms, but this one is very direct and approachable. Its not an effect I use often, but it’ll be nice to just drop it into a chain and roll with it. It seems oddly inspiring, like Synplant. Clever bit of work!

    1. As I understand it, this company Output, design all their plugins inside the Native Instruments Kontakt engine. So you probably need a license for that. Maybe this one is different ?

      1. Not all are Kontakt based plugins, they seem to be moving away from that. Output’s Movement (great effect by the way) doesn’t use Kontakt.

  2. Looks really cool. I’ve got their Movement plugin and combining them both could get some really interesting results.

    1. If your CPU can handle it you can get some amazing sounds out of the most basic sources combining Movement with Dmitry Sches’ Tantra. The subtle, swirling of Movement works really well with Tantra’s mad glitchy chaos.

      1. I had some installation issues with Tantra and Dmitry took the time to help me get it figured out and running perfectly. Class act.

  3. I have Signal. Just checked out the Portal demos on their site. I like it. Will probably add this as well as Movement. Cool stuff.

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