Boredbrain Intros INTRFX Eurorack FX Interface

Boredbrain has introduced the INTRFX, a Eurorack FX interface.

The INTRFX is designed to make it easy to connect Eurorack, guitar pedals and electronic instruments.


  • 3 channels of send & return level conversion
  • Per-channel selection of either eurorack thru pedals or line-instrument thru eurorack
  • FX blend control with CV input
  • Capable of FX feedback and linear VCA functionality
  • Small tabletop form-factor

Pricing and Availability

The INTRFX is available now for US $220.

16 thoughts on “Boredbrain Intros INTRFX Eurorack FX Interface

    1. So it doesn’t take up case space. And since it was created specifically to be used with other, non modular gear.
      Plenty of modules with similar function if that’s what you prefer.

    2. why “on earth” take up valuable HP with something that is supposed to connect with multiple floor dwelling appliances, indeed?

      great comment :/

      1. … and a great reply!

        Using this box on the floor will require a quantity of extra-long 1/8” patch cables (up to 9) and a separate wall wart for power. However, as a module it would only require long 1/4” cables, which most people actually have, and it could use the modular power supply.

        And while I can’t speak for everyone, I think this would be used on a table (as opposed to the floor). For me, table space Is far more scarce than HP.

        Finally I tend to not like *any* device with cords coming out of all sides. It makes it impossible to route cables nicely, and due to the connectors it will always take up twice the space of its own physical size.

        I think this product is designed poorly.

        1. I think that the use case that this is for synthesists using effects pedals placed on a desktop, rather than on the floor.

          It should be pretty obvious from the fact that this has no foot-operable controls. So why would anyone place it on the floor, where it would be really hard to use?

          Using it on a desktop may not be your use case, but based on what you see in most synth rigs, it’s pretty rare for synthesists to place guitar pedals on the floor vs using them where they can easily be tweaked.

          Floor pedals don’t make sense for keyboardists/synthesists that play sitting down, rather than standing.

          I’d like to see this type of functionality built into a full-on modular mixer, with vc panning and per-effect send/return controls.

      2. I forgot to mention that as a Eurorack module this could be made as a single channel device, so it would actually take up very little space, and users could easily add as many channels as they like.

        And if you really wanted to put it on the floor, you could use a small skiff.

      3. even if you’re considering it being more towards being part of a pedalboard it makes absolutely no sense in its current format. it doesn’t match euro or pedals and even on a desk they have it in a weird diamond position that makes it dominate more space than it actually needs to. It would make more sense if it were in a format like a headphones line mixer or something idk I don’t get it

        1. A box with cables sticking out of 5 sides is awkward and horrible in terms of use of space. Desktop space is a finite resource.

          For Euro/pedal conversion in the rack I really like the 4HP ADDAC200PI, but I would appreciate something in a sensible, normal size/shape stompbox format for a bit more conversion.

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