Teenage Engineering Updates OP-Z With Sampling & More

Teenage Engineering has updated the OP-Z with sampling and more.

Here’s what’s new in the update:


  • new sampling mode
  • 2 channel audio interface
  • full OP-1 sample format support (pitch, gain, playmode, reverse)
  • improved stability
  • support importing raw samples to drum tracks
  • apply track gain before fx sends
  • don’t allow copying empty steps
  • restart arpeggio with TRACK + PLAY on arpeggio track
  • don’t trigger gate step component if track is muted
  • toggle headset input with SCREEN + SHIFT
  • send clock out if enabled even though midi out is disabled
  • don’t loose clock sync when switching project via pattern change
  • fix broken parameter spark random setting
  • fix force save not working on project 1
  • fix inverted headphone gain levels dep. on impedance

Here’s a preview of the new sampling support from Superbooth:

The update is a free download from the TE site.

15 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering Updates OP-Z With Sampling & More

  1. From another member’s post. This is why many of us will no longer buy their products. They dun got untrustworthy.

    1. OP1 sells new for $800
    2. Due to fluctuating supply in the new market the price edges up in the used market.
    3. A rumor comes out that the OP1 will no longer be produced
    4. Logically people inflate prices
    5. TE makes a statement after prices inflates, that no one should pay these after market inflated prices and the OP1 will be made again.
    6. TE faces financial loss due to manufacture problem where they need to cancel all orders for one of their modular units.
    7. TE then announces a new OP1 production run and states that, the new price will reflect the inflated after market prices that they initially denounced.


    1. I believe the price went up because of supply chain issues. If you want to blame the company for a trade war and things out of their control, go ahead. It’s not easy to run a lean company like they do and create such inventive stuff. I’m not sure it’s a violation of trust that created disappointment, but them trying to do something ambitious with little resources. They are a hardworking company that provides a lot of one of a kind tools to the world. I’m not sure the OP-1 situation reflects on the OP-Z’a roll out in any informative way.

    2. How is that untrustworthy? TE are right to tell you not to buy a USED OP-1 at such inflated prices after announcing they’ll be making them again. And they didn’t inflate the price to reflect the current market, it was down to new components’ cost, the currency conversion, inflation, sourcing of the new component, re-coding the display, re-designing the mounting, new tools etc. are just a few of the “why”.

  2. I think there’s a lot to be excited about here, and I applaud TE for continuing to introduce new features in the OPZ, but I disagree that this new sampling capability places the OP-Z in the same category as the digitakt.

  3. Sampling via USB from a computer produces terrible ground loop noise and sampling via the audio jack requires a TRRS adapter. Even when it works, it’s the most basic sampling functionality. Not even close to what Digitakt can do, except the polyphony.

    1. Just to counter, I’ve sampled via the mic and USB. The latter was very clear – no ground noise for me. The former was pretty usable too to be honest. Sure it’s not perfect but it spurred me on creatively and that’s good enough for me.

      I don’t like comparing to the Digitakt but if I had to pick between the two then it’s the OPZ every time for me.

    2. Lol obviously you haven’t used the sampling functionality. The sampling over USB is entirely digital… it is not converted to an analog signal anywhere in the process so maybe you’d like to explain how you think ground loop noise could sneak into a stream of digital bits and bytes?

      1. I didn’t say the noise lands on the recording, but it’s very loud and annoying. Both my OP-1 and OP-Z have these issues and require an USB isolator to be useful in a studio situation. None of my Elektron boxes had these issues, so apparently it can be done.

        1. Have you tried turning off USB charging on the OP-Z. You can do that by pressing the screen button and E2 (right most key). This can help with noise. But yeah, the new USB audio interface seems pretty good to me so far.

    1. You’ll ditch the screen within a day or two. It’s not needed except for maybe changing MIDI settings etc. It’s a very well designed device.

  4. Super delighted with this. Had a lot of fun with it immediately just sampling through the built-in mic. Only major complaint: wish the sample start/end and loop start/end had automatically snapped to zero-crossings to avoid clicks.

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