64 New Sounds For The Roland Alpha Juno

Synthesist and sound designer Espen Kraft shared this preview of his new sound library for the Alpha Juno 1, Alpha Juno 2 & MKS-50 synthesizers.

The collection features 64 New Patches for Synthwave, Synthpop & Italo Disco. It offers not just a demo of the sound library – but a demonstration of the range of possibilities of the classic Roland synths.

The demo includes ‘a bit of external reverb on some of the sounds. No external chorus has been used, it’s all the internal chorus of the Alpha Juno.’

The patch library is available now for £8.99.

4 thoughts on “64 New Sounds For The Roland Alpha Juno

  1. This range of Junos seems pretty modest, but they’re some of the best synth-glue you could ask for in making any sound fuller without stepping on it. The Juno-2 has velocity and mono pressure on-board; the MKS-50 and Juno-1 will respond to velocity data from outside gear. The hardware is 30-odd years old now, so even Roland’s tough builds will eventually crater. If you’re wary of vintage pieces, you can get a nice, beefed-up software version for about $80 from Audiorealism here: https://www.synthtopia.com/content/2014/06/10/audiorealism-redominator-brings-roland-alpha-juno-sound-to-your-daw/

    1. Nah man that crap redominator cant even come close to the real thing, tried to tweak it so much when compared to the hardware, its really lame vst, maybe roland makes their proper cloud vst like 106, also alpha junos are most stable vintage synth out of all vintage analog rolands

      1. I played the hell out of my Juno-1 for years, so I’m a serious fan. I haven’t needed the ReDominator, so I can’t say what kind of trade-off it might include. I like the expanded aspects, regardless. In my experience, some software recreations DO miss the mark, but most are surprisingly close. The software version may work better for some, but if you can land an actual Alpha Juno, don’t dismiss the idea casually.

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