Roland Jupiter-4 Hands-On Demo

This video, via synthlegends, takes an extended look at the classic Roland Jupiter-4 synthesizer.

Video Summary:

The Roland Jupiter-4 is a very strong, agressive, massive, but also sweet sounding synth. The sound is really incredible for only one VCO with one Sub-VCO. In this this Demo you will listen to this wide range of sounds.

The Roland JP-4 came out 1978, mine is from Nov. 1979 with the later filter board.

The great features of the JP-4 are:
– extremely fast envelopes
– ultra fast LFO and also slow LFO to get FM sounds and very slow filter sweeps as well
– fantastic sounding filter with ultra fat and sweet self resonance
– stereo chorus, not so strong like in the Juno 6/60, but very musical
– nice arpeggiator with triggering by a sequencer or drum machine
– random S/H filter modulation
– fantastic versatile bender board
– you can trim the 4 voices and slightly detune them on the back of the unit to achieve a really fat sound
– polyphonic portamento

Video sections:

0:00 Part 1. Lovely Pads with resonance
3:20 Part 2. Arpeggio fun with different sounds
12:13 Part 3. Aggressive bass sounds
15:25 Part 4. Weird and angry fx sounds
23:17 Part 5. Strings and Pads
33:52 Part 6. Sweet melodies
41:11 Part 7. Orchestral string sounds
45:55 Part 8. Portamento and modulations

Technical details: GFI Clockwork Delay Pedal added, no additional mastering or equalizing.

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