SSSR Labs Vertigo DSP For The Tiptop Audio Z-DSP

In his latest video, Ben ‘DivKid’ Wilson takes a look at the new SSSR Labs Vertigo DSP card, a third-party effect card for Tiptop Audio’s Z-DSP platform.

Here’w what he has to say about it:

This is a card based FX product that is made for use within the Z-DSP from TipTop Audio. The aim of the product is to create rich stereo textures and images and across it’s 8 algorithms (different FX) it does a great job of doing so.

We have a auto-sidechaining freezable hall reverb, 2 characterful multi-tap BBD delay emulations, 6-Tap Diffused delays that combine vibrato reverb and delay, an experiment disorientating delay, rotary speakers, dual phasers and an Impulse response based stereo widener modelling a room response with other stereo creation/enhancement as well.

Topics covered:

  • 00:07 Patch previews
  • 01:31 Product walk through
  • 02:05 Sidechain Infinite Hall demo + patch 1 – Strings & Karplus strong
  • 04:25 Sidechain Infinite Hall patch 2 – Modulated analogue synth
  • 05:12 2-Tap BBD Emulator A + B demo + patch 1 – Dub snare echos
  • 08:10 2-Tap BBD Emulator A + B patch 2 – Spacious synth swells
  • 09:13 6-Tap Diffused Delay demo + patch 1 – Melodic analogue plucks
  • 10:38 6-Tap Diffused Delay patch 2 – Full patch/mix drums + bass
  • 11:39 Disorientating Delay demo + patch 1 – Haunting sines
  • 13:18 Disorientating Delay patch 2 – Complex metallic hits
  • 14:07 Rotary Speaker Engine demo + patch 1 – FM synth drone
  • 16:01 Rotary Speaker Engine patch 2 – Auto pan hi hats + percussion
  • 17:00 Dual 6-Stage Phaser demo + patch 1 – Rhythmic synth drone
  • 18:52 Dual 6-Stage Phaser patch 2 – Playful rhythmic strings
  • 19:21 Impulse Spatializer demo + patch 1 – Droning VCO melody
  • 21:00 Impulse Spatializer patch 2 – Wide stereo FX patch

3 thoughts on “SSSR Labs Vertigo DSP For The Tiptop Audio Z-DSP

  1. I wonder if this card also might work with Xaoc Devices Timiszoara which I think is based on the same dsp cups as the z-dsp. If not, they should make a card for that as well

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