The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment

Perfect Circuit has launched a new series of live modular performance videos, The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment.

For each video in the series, they worked with local artists to create modular systems suited to their own styles and workflows…despite the fact that none of them had ever used modular synths before. Each artist/group had two weeks to get to know their system and prepare a performance.

The first video features Zachary Paul, an LA-based violinist whose work is based around evolving textures of looped and processed string sounds. He typically uses effects pedals, but here he puts the modular synth to work as an advanced effects processor.

2 thoughts on “The Mojave Desert Modular Experiment

  1. That was lovely. Will check out the artist’s work. I wonder if it was easier or harder than using pedals after 2 weeks prep.

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