Anna Meredith’s ‘Paramour’ – A Pop Koyaanisqatsi, With Model Trains

Composer Anna Meredith shared the addictively watchable music video for Paramour, from her upcoming album, FIBS.

Paramour mixes classical elements, especially Philip Glass style arpeggios, with pop synths and guitars, and the one-shot music video makes use of model trains and LEGO blocks in continuously inventive ways.

FIBS is due out on 25th October 2019 on Moshi Moshi / Black Prince Fury.

via Brian Clevinger, Ed Eagan

12 thoughts on “Anna Meredith’s ‘Paramour’ – A Pop Koyaanisqatsi, With Model Trains

  1. Outstanding! Way to NOT automate all of your arpeggios! Anna has major composer’s chops. Every element was exactly where it should have been. I couldn’t *predict* that the way I can with most pop songs, but once heard, it was obvious. New fan here. Yeah, I’m buyin’ it, no question. THAT’s the kind of sheer power I hope for when I encounter a new artist.

  2. Tremendous!!! This is one of the best music videos in the last two decades…. or more!
    The music and production are fantastic too!

    Thank you for sharing this.
    I will be posting this EVERYWHERE this week!

  3. Great work! Basically the video advertises itself, showing music is great fun, regardless of what instruments you play and what angle you take to look at it.
    Weird article title and far fetched link with Philip Glass let alown the Kooyanisqatsi project are out of place and not necessary at all.

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