Casio Revives Casiotone Keyboard Series

At the 2019 Summer NAMM Show, Casio announced that they are bringing back the Casiotone portable mini-synth.

The revamped Casiotone series of keyboards consists of three models, including the CT-S200 (black, red and white), CT-S300 (midnight blue) and LK-S250 (black).

Weighing only six pounds, the new Casiotone models feature a refreshed design with a slim chassis and 61 keys. Each keyboard comes loaded with 400 tones, 77 rhythms, 50 patterns for Dance Music Mode, USB Midi, can accommodate a rechargeable battery, power adapter and more.

Additionally, all three keyboard models are compatible with the Chordana Play mobile app, while the LK-S250 also has Casio’s Step-Up lesson system.

Pricing and Availability. The three Casiotone keyboards will be shipping sometime later this year. The Casiontone CT-S200 has an MSRP of $109, the CT-S300 will be MSRP $139, and the LK-S250 lists for $159. Additional information is available in the Casio booth at Summer NAMM this week, and on the Casio website.

14 thoughts on “Casio Revives Casiotone Keyboard Series

    1. Behringer is working on a clone of these Casiotone reissues. It will have a switch that allows you to change between the CT-S200, CT-S300, and LK-S250. It will come in nine different colors and sell for $29.

  1. Really pleased Casio are doing this, both because the ultra-light portable keyboards will be fun, but also because for many people this will be their low-cost entry into being able to own and play an instrument. And I’m sure they’ll sound pretty cool too.

    1. agreed these would possibly be great controllers for other synths within a portable package. maybe a further model will have one. The price is really not bad for such a portable jammable thing i’d say tho too, if the samples picked are any good.

  2. I don’t expect a solid-aluminum build from an item like this, but I’m curious as to what the range and quality of those Tones will be. The early sounds are nostalgic cheese on a platter, but if the new ones are a few notches better, that will be the best selling point for me. With a bit of work, a CZ can make some yuge noises, so I’m with modo there. Less “Casiotone,” more Cozmo Synth programming range, please. Their PX5S “stage piano” is also a major synth under the hood, so I know they can do it. USB MIDI is fine for this range; people who want to use it as a controller at all will probably have a Boutique or Volca on the other end.

    1. I suspect the keyboards only works in USB device mode, so users will need a computer or iPad in host mode to connect to a USB MIDI equipped synth.

  3. Cool design…like the form that you can carry it like a gigbag.

    From text, I think this is more for users who want to learn how to play keys …:)

  4. they should build a cutting-edge workstation, sequencer-wise. the have the knowhow regarding that. unfortunately they won´t do it.

  5. In the features, it says the all have ‘sound effects sampler with built in microphone.’
    Can’t find and other info. New SK-1 anyone?

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