7 thoughts on “Moog One Synth Jam

  1. Great work, would love to see more of this in electronic music.. So much more interesting to listen to. Dusting off my drums now! although Ben Crook is a much better player.. : )

  2. Dang I was waiting for the key player to bust out some Jan Hammer like solo work .. the oppoutunity was there .. I was totally hearing and jamming to it in my head .. oh well .. nice track never the less.

  3. Is it just me or do I hear just a little more juice from duos and trios? This is a great piece in part because its easy to distinguish who is doing what. These two are 5-star players. I’d like to see more people go in this direction. As a listener, I can loosely hear who these two ARE. Sounds hippiefied to say, I know, but their particular focus and personalities speak clearly. Searching for a disc now! Thumbs up.

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