Moog Matriarch Synthesizer In-Depth Review

The latest loopop video is an in-depth review of the Moog Matriarch, their new four-oscillator patchable paraphonic synthesizer.

Video Description:

Matriarch is Moog’s flagship semi-modular synth – with stereo filters, stereo delays, stereo VCAs, 4 oscillators that can be configured in a few paraphonic modes and 90 patch points, there’s a lot to explore and cover. I’ve had one for a couple of weeks – here’s my review.

Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
2:15 The different Paraphonic modes
6:00 Round robin mode
7:05 Oscillators overview
9:50 Mixer
10:45 Filters
14:40 Envelopes
15:50 Split mode
17:20 Stereo delays
20:25 Main LFO
22:55 Utilities
24:55 Arpeggiator
26:00 Sequencer
28:00 Settings
30:00 Patch ideas:
30:00 Using velocity and aftertouch
31:00 Looping envelopes
31:50 Changing the character of the filter
32:40 Ring modulation
33:30 Ring mod with sync
33:55 Linear FM and Sync cross-mod for minor subharmonics
35:00 Paraphonic chord spread
35:20 Stack cables as mixers and splitters
35:35 Making the oscillators stereophonic
36:25 Use the attenuverters as a mixer
36:45 Audio rate filter mod
37:10 Automatic stereo panning
38:30 Modulate the delay when it isn’t in sync
39:30 Creating arpeggios with a time-synced delay
39:50 Extending parameter ranges with voltage and the attenuator
40:20 Using the delay a tone-shaper and mini looper
41:00 Pros & cons

The loopop review incorporates a short section of Lisa Bella Donna’s performance at the this year’s Brooklyn Synth Expo. Bella Donna’s performance features a streamlined setup of a Moog Matriarch synthesizer and effects pedals from Earthquaker Devices. You can view the full performance below:

16 thoughts on “Moog Matriarch Synthesizer In-Depth Review

    1. Why, having a hard time finding Euro modules? 🙂 You cannot get the “Moog sound” by using a component or two. This is something people don’t understand when they moan about pricing, etc. The CP-3 is just as important to the Moog sound as the 904A. You need the entire synth chain to get “that” sound. Its an organic thing.

  1. Great video as usual. I get all the information I need from these videos.

    Another exciting synth from Moog. The pricing is as it is. Love the coloured square switches. Hate the toggles, have a look at the Mini if you want to see how to do rocker switches.

  2. Well, that was the first time I felt like I wanted to buy a Matriarch. However, I don’t like the semi-flexibility of semi-modular, or looking over the back for the other jacks (like Voyager), and I’m not ever going to feel the love of those front panel colors. Sure do like paraphonic’s like Sub37.

  3. My love for Waldorf and Clavia gear is evidence enough that I love a colorful synth, but this and the grandmother are quite awful to look at. Sounds like a Moog, though, and I suppose that’s all that really matters.

    1. CV etc is not polyphonic in nature. You’d need Four Filters, Four Filter EG’s, Four LFO’s, Four Amp EG’s, Mixer, Extra Multiples, Added CV/GATE points for each voice and so on which would be prohibitively expensive. I think having the voice structure as is with all the round robin / sync and other features was a wise choice and gives it a voicing structure not to dissimilar to a Korg Mono/Poly in many respects but with more programming options via modular patching. Its out of my price range but certainly sounds exceptionally good. Loopop knows how to demo gear in a. very surgically precise yet logical manner.

  4. Price makes sense to me, even if I can’t afford it. Also love the colors. The paraphonic realization, multiple delays, loopable envelopes, and arp/sequencer reminds me a little of an analog Pro 2.

    1. Yep yep yep. As compared to making this yourself via discreet eurorack modules, the matriarch has pretty exceptional bang for your buck.

      No one would call $2000 “cheap” but it definitely ain’t overpriced.

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    Ban hammer dropped.

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