7 thoughts on “Brian Eno, Roger Eno & Daniel Lanois On ‘Apollo’

  1. The original recording, especially An Ending (Ascent), is one of my most beloved. Sadly, for me, the additional CD pales in comparison. I like to thinks that is a reflection of just how special and wondrous the moon landing were and how well the artists captured that piece of history originally.

    1. Larry;
      I thought the same, but if you give a couple of more listens it may grow on you. It’s not as airy as the original work, but it has it’s own textures.

    2. I think that it’s an excellent companion to the original CD. The only track I’m not sold on yet is the first track, ‘The End Of A Thin Cord’.

      Overall, though, they do a great job of revisiting the territory of Apollo. If they released it on its own, a lot of people would see it as a fantastic return to style for the trio.

      Many of the tracks, like ‘Capsule, sound like ‘missing’ pieces of the original soundtrack.

      I got the double album set and I have to way that it’s a classy pressing and the vinyl blows away my vintage copy, which I bought when it came out. Today’s pressings are so much cleaner than what they were selling back in the 80s. This pressing really sounds like it’s presenting the music as it was originally intended, in an ideal state.

      Don’t expect the new disk to blow your mind like Apollo may have 30 years ago, because the album has influenced an entire generation of musicians. But, if you listen to it expecting an expanded take on the ‘Apollo’ universe, you’ll find it a welcome addition.

  2. Great doc! (shakes head) “All done by e-mail….” Eno’s musical fingerprints have always been impressive, from Roxy Music to “Eno & Cluster” to his work on Genesis’ “The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway” to his John Cale collaboration “Wrong Way Up.” I’ve worn out a few Eno *CDs*! Check out this great pre-smartphone app: http://www.oblique-strategies.com/

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