New Music From 808 State, ‘Tokyo Tokyo’

The music video for 808 State’s Tokyo Tokyo is an unrelenting onslaught of vintage gear. Watch close, though, and you may see a few surprises.

‘Tokyo Tokyo’ is taken from 808 State’s new album ‘Transmission Suite’ – out on October 11th. It’s available for pre-order now.

8 thoughts on “New Music From 808 State, ‘Tokyo Tokyo’

  1. I find it strange how many rave outfits are more focussed on the equipment than the party these days. I guess it’s only natural with age, the idea of actually raving in the old folks home seems less and less appealing to me

    1. 808 State were not often a “rave outfit”. If you listen to the albums much of there stuff was experimental electronica and weird techno rather than rave type stuff – although they do have their banging moments.

  2. Great to see 808 state back to form.Was at their first gig at the board walk.Wish Martin price would join them again.A great bassline in this track.Nice to 88 manchester in that groove.

    1. Yeah, this sounds like the early days when they were brewing up raw Acid jams and taking the tapes down to the Hacienda.

  3. Like the tune, but I’m baffled by the video. I like a synth but don’t need to see loads of them in a video.

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