Zeppelin Design Labs Intros Altura MkII Theremin MIDI Controller

Zeppelin Design Labs has introduced the Altura MkII – a theremin MIDI controller.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

The Altura MkII is a MIDI controller / sequencer / arpeggiator that emulates a theremin.

As you move your hands  in the air, the Altura MkII transmits MIDI data to your synthesizer to control pitch, volume, velocity, bend, modulation, portamento, and more!

Use it to control any MIDI synthesizer, such as the Macchiato Mini Synth. Get it ready-to-play or build it yourself from a fun and easy DIY kit! Get a sleek black acrylic cabinet — kit or ready-to-use — or  make your own cardstock  cabinet using the provided template.

It’s available now, both assembled and as a DIY project.

3 thoughts on “Zeppelin Design Labs Intros Altura MkII Theremin MIDI Controller

  1. I was going to buy one at the electronic garage sale, but dude was so into his phone I thought he was selling one to the guy in the house oat in front of me, but that guy walked off in frustration and dude turns to his friend and brags about his sales for the day, but had he looked up, he could’ve sold 2 right then.

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