Black to Techno – A New Documentary

Black to Techno is a new mini-documentary that offers a visual take on the origins of techno music in Detroit – and its interconnections with the sounds of German electronic music.

Featuring a combination of vintage film and original footage, director Jenn Nkiru‘s film explores the roles played by history, technology, geography and race in the emergence of techno music.

Nkiru describes her directing approach as “cosmic archaeology” – unearthing bits of information she finds and putting them back together. The question she hopes the resulting film will answer is: “How can we become more familiar with ideas that are from our past?”

Narrators include beatjazz futurist Onyx Ashanti and seminal techno producer Juan Atkins.

The film was produced by art magazine Frieze and Gucci.

8 thoughts on “Black to Techno – A New Documentary

  1. I enjoyed watching it, but have to admit that it didn’t teach me much about the history of Techno. Guess I’d have preferred a less stylish and a bit more informative approach.

    Anyway, there is that one part that totally screams to be sampled and I’ll probably do just that.

  2. Very much enjoyed this as a documentary because it did not follow the narrow rail of classical documentary style,plodding through the facts.Refreshing to see someone capture the roots of that raw reactive emotion that creates a music style.Maybe some of us Synth junkies [myself included] are missing something when we have the gear,but don’t really produce in a creative style or direction.

  3. Everyone seems to have missed one little detail about this documentary. It’s sponsored by Gucci, a fashion company. An ad in disguise? I wouldn’t be surprised if Gucci soon launches a clothing line inspired by this music movement.

    1. Did you read the article? It’s noted there.

      This seems very similar to the type of thing Red Bull Music Academy used to do. Its an interesting documentary, that’s also the company trying to be seen supporting cool things.

  4. Did you catch that INSANE looking car in the video? Guess thats the stuff Mad Mike was talking about in that Red Bull Music Academy video. Some real artisans doing crazy cars in detroit. Wish they’d make a documentary about that next.

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