Arturia Keystep Update Adds New Features

Arturia today released a free update for their Keystep controller, version 1.1, which adds new funcionality and features.

Here’s what’s new in Keystep 1.1:

  • New sequence length controls
  • New “Armed” setting
  • Updated tempo quantizing behavior
  • Updated Arpeggiator octave behavior
  • New randomness options
  • Added LED brightness setting.
  • Multiple small enhancements and bug-fixes.

See the Arturia site for details.

10 thoughts on “Arturia Keystep Update Adds New Features

  1. As a KeyStep owner it’s disappointing that I’m finding this out via a 3rd party rather than directly, after all that faff of signing-up and registering my device etc.

  2. LED Brightness setting IS HUGE!!! now i can twiddle in the dark without asynchronous strobes from the octave buttons blinding me

  3. Can it transmit fixed velocity in normal play mode now?
    (can you switch off velocity sensitivity for normal play mode now?)

    Like in sequencer and arp mode?

  4. waiting for the “Keystep Pro”:) That’s my wish-list: 1. velo-pad for finger drums (one would be enough, pressing a key to select the perc, then hitting pad for dynamic). 2. multi-track sequencing (now I’m using Yamaha QY10). 3. key-in arp (like the Ultranova).4. KBD split (with 1-finger chords on the left, to have more space on the right). 5. #4 with separate octave up/dn.

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