U-He CVilization Polymorphic CV Tool (Sneak Preview)

Designer Urs Heckmann (U-He Software) shared this musical demo of his upcoming CVilization Eurorack module.

The CVilization module is a polymorphic module – meaning that it’s designed to be able to ‘morph’ to perform many functions.

Here’s an overview from Heckmann at Superbooth 2018:

Details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

2 thoughts on “U-He CVilization Polymorphic CV Tool (Sneak Preview)

    1. I was ‘there’ when Urs said that Zebra 3 would be free to owners of Zebra 2, Diva and The Dark Zebra. From the way the conversation went I figured that Urs was “about as oiled as a diesel train”. I also figured that he would have some regrets about some of the things he ‘said’.

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