Suonobuono nABC Is Not Another Boring Compressor

Suonobuono has introduced the nABC (not Another Boring Compressor).

The nABC is designed to make sidechain compression easy, flexible and intuitive. It is a an analog, stereo sidechain compressor whose sidechain can be triggered by MIDI, USB, analog synth signals (gate/CV), audio, or pedals.

The nABC is designed to to dynamically attenuate one instrument (for example the bass) when another instrument is playing (for example, the kick drum), giving a cool “breathing” effect to the sound and tightening the mix.

In addition, and differently from traditional compressors, the nABC also lets you trigger sidechain compression at any given time, for example shaping the accent of only specific notes on a bassline. Since the shape of compression is not derived from the kick drum, new creative possibilities arise, with compression events that can be arbitrarily long or short. Even creative gating effects can be easily achieved.


  • Studio-grade, analog stereo signal chain
  • Selectable sidechain trigger: USB, MIDI, analog gate/control voltage, signal audio, sidechain audio, pedal
  • Audio compression and USB/MIDI sidechain compression can be combined simultaneously
  • Touch pads and endless rotary encoder for accurate parameters tuning
  • Attack, release, threshold, ratio, make-up gain, MIDI channel, trigger type and sidechain depth controlled on the panel
  • Attack, release, threshold, ratio, make-up gain, trigger type and sidechain depth can be automated by MIDI/USB
  • 20 RGB-LEDs ring for signal level, gain reduction and parameters visualization
  • User presets
  • Large bypass button
  • Signal overload indication
  • Brushed machined aluminum case, can be tilted for desktop use
  • MIDI DIN to TRS adapter cable provided
  • Can be powered directly from USB, cable is provided

Pricing and Availability

The nABC is available for pre-order for US $369. It’s expected to ship in Nov 2019.

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