Make Noise Mimeophon In-Depth Review

The latest loopop video takes a look at the new Make Noise Mimeophon, described as ‘a stereo, multi-zone color audio repeater’.

The Mimeophon is available for us $399. See the Make Noise site for more information.

Video Summary:

A brief look at the controls of Mimeophon by Make Noise may make it seem like a simple stereo delay with a filter and reverb, but under the hood are a few features that make it a uniquely sounding and highly-playable feedback-based mini synth. On top of that, its zones feature makes it multi-layer looper, texture builder and “time machine” that lets you progressively zoom out backward in time to previously played audio.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:50 Overview
3:00 Halo & Color
5:10 Other features
6:50 Skew
7:35 Clock sync
9:05 Ping pong
9:45 Flip & Hold
11:20 Zones explained
14:50 Mimeophon Synth
18:00 Dual oscillator skew
18:50 Time machine
20:25 Pros & cons

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