WMD Releases AXYS Dual Stereo Crossfader For Eurorack

Today Eurorack module-maker WMD has announced that their newest module, AXYS has begun shipping to dealers worldwide.

Axys is a dual stereo crossfader that allows users to add a dry/wet mix to any stereo effect, mix between two stereo sources, mix between a stereo source and a mono source, create parallel compression, or “DJ” between two systems or instruments.

The genesis of the project came from WMD workers’ experiences performing live. WMD’s Alex Anderson explains, “The more that we perform live, the more we are finding the need for some simple tools that let us get the vision out. ‘If I only had that’ is a common phrase [that comes up] and that is where [the idea for] AXYS came from.”


WMD Axys Module Highlights:

  • 2 Stereo Crossfaders in one module
  • Small footprint and sleek design make it great for skiffs
  • All analog and very transparent
  • CV control with normalling and inversion
  • Mono to Stereo capability for each input
  • Handy LED meters showing Level of each input pair


Pricing and Availability. The WMD Axys stereo crossfader module is made in Denver, Colorado. The module costs $229 US, and is available now only through WMD dealers worldwide.

For additional information, visit the WMD website.

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