Arturia Releases Three Delay “Effects You’ll Actually Use”

French hard- and software makers Arturia have announced the release of 3 Delays You’ll Actually Use, a trio of echo effects for your DAW.

The latest in Arturia’s series of “Effects You’ll Actually Use,” the three delays modeled in this bundle cover popular varieties of the effect: a vintage tape delay, and analog “bucket brigade” echo, and a cutting-edge digital design.

Covering all bases, Arturia have modelled 2 famous delay effects, and developed their own next-gen modern delay. Saturated tape tones, lo-fi BBD feedback, and synth-style modulating digital delay are available in these software delay effects.

3 Delays You’ll Actually Use Includes:

  • Delay TAPE-201 Modeled on the famous 70s “space” delay loved by guitarists and studios for half a century. This iconic delay has been reborn in your DAW, with perfect tape emulation and saturation, and powerful new features.
  • Delay MEMORY-BRIGADE The legendary “memory” BBD guitar pedal has been reimagined as a plug-in for your DAW. Lo-fi, filtered, dark tone with a huge scope for feedback.
  • Delay ETERNITY A cutting-edge modern delay packed with modulation possibilities, LFOs, twin delay lines, and signal-smashing effects within the feedback loop. A totally original Arturia plug-in.

Each delay plug-in also features a “beautifully rendered” interface, and comes with “awesome” presets, letting you quickly audition unique and interesting sounds.

Arturia have made tutorial videos on each of the three delay effects in the bundle:

Pricing and Availability.  The three delays in Arturia’s “3 Effects You’ll Actually Use” bundle are available now. The effects are free to try on a trial basis, and will normally retail for $199 US / 199€. Until September 9, new Arturia customers can buy the delay effects bundle for $99 US / 99€, and current Arturia customers (hardware or software) are entitled to a further discount.

For more information, product specifications, to find a local dealer, or to purchase the bundle, check out the Arturia website.

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    1. The hardware already exists, EHX Memory man, Roland RE-201, or RE-20, or you can buy a Line 6 DL4 or a Timefactor… There are a lot of hardware pedals that emulate those classics delay pedal.

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