Sounds Of The Kijimi Synthesizer

Synthesist and sound designer Paul Schilling shared this audio demo for the new Black Corporation Kijimi synthesizer – a polyphonic synth module, inspired by the RSF Polykobol:

Here’s what he has to say about the demos:

“Some examples of different sounds Kijimi can make. Tonal and noise/SFX, and some are sort of in-between.

This is a deep synth and I have barely scratched the surface of this thing, hence it is only a ‘first pass’.”

Details on the Kijimi are available at the Black Corporation site.

8 thoughts on “Sounds Of The Kijimi Synthesizer

  1. I never got to play a Polykobol, but I’ve had a couple of sessions with an Elka Synthex. This has part of its character. Mainline manufacturers generally prefer to spend their money on in-house designs, so even at the prices involved, you’re getting some respectable vintage power here. High-quality demo, Paul!

  2. sounds amazing. we can’t all just run out and buy a Black Corp but i think they are doing something very important and are singular in the current synth landscape, their synths are expensive but are infinitely more accessible than a CS80 or RSF Polykobol II. here’s to dreaming of having one at some point.

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