reSEMble (Eurorack Oberheim SEM) Sneak Preview

Randy Piscione shared this sneak preview of the reSEMble, a single-panel, single-voice Eurorack all-in-one synth module that’s inspired by the Oberheim SEM.

Here’s what he has to say about it:

This is a prototype panel, home made (obvious I know) but the building blocks are available from PM Foundations. The panel is currently in Front Panel Designer, but I have not ordered one yet. The “modules” can be built as standalone Eurorack modules or built behind the reSEMble panel. There is no point-to-point wiring. All connections are made with ribbon cables that run from the back of each module to a single busboard.

We haven’t decided how to market / sell it yet, or even if there is enough demand to bother, but I’m definitely making another one for myself. The 3 VCOs, VCF and two EGs are based on the SEM, but, in addition to a 3rd VCO, there are a few other enhancements, including an expanded LFO, Noise, sample and hold, a wavefolder and more modulation and routing options.

This is not a clone of an SEM. Unlike someone who shall remain nameless but whose initials are UB, we actually sent a note to Tom Oberheim, who forwarded our note to a friend of his, who spent some time on the phone with me. He encouraged us to take Tom’s work and build on it, which we did.

The combination of toggles and expanded module functionality replace approximately 80 patchcords.


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