Wave Replacement Synthesis Explained (At Knobcon 2018)

In this presentation from Knobcon 2018, synthesist Jon Sonnenberg discusses Wave Replacement Synthesis.

Instead of modulating the oscillator to control harmonic content, or modulating a filter, Wave Replacement Synthesis uses the pulse wave output of an oscillator to ‘splice’ two wave shapes together.

Knobcon 2019 is scheduled for Sept 6-8 in the Chicago area. See the event site for details.

8 thoughts on “Wave Replacement Synthesis Explained (At Knobcon 2018)

  1. This is great. It would be nice to be able to hear the questions from the audience. Usually the speaker will repeat the question out loud for the audience to hear (in this case it would help the video watchers). So, it seems like he is switching between 2 waveforms, at audio rate. In the case of a perfect square wave, you have equal parts of each wave. When you change the PW, you have “injections” of one wave into the other. Is my assessment correct?

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