Korg Releases ‘Supercharged’ KROSS 2-88 MB Synthesizer

Ahead of Knobcon 2019, Korg has expanded on the Kross 2 series with the launch of the Kross 2 -88 MB – a ‘supercharged’ version that includes the sounds of the original, as well as an additional expansion that adds new programs, including a beautifully resonant acoustic piano.

The new synthesizer offers an array of more than 1,000 presets, including piano and electric piano, synth and drum sounds and more.

The Kross 2 -88 MB features Korg’s Natural Weighted (NH4) Hammer Action keybed, offering ‘realistic and comfortable’ feel. The NH4 is designed to deliver authentic piano with less overall weight.

“The Kross 2-88 MB takes the 88-note model to the next level, with great new sounds and more of them, all wrapped in a beautiful, durable rubberized matte finish,” says Korg’s James Sajeva.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

The Kross 2-88 MB is expected to be available in October 2019 for $1179.99.

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