Roland MC-707 Hands-On Demo At Knobcon 2019

At Knobcon 2019, Roland debuted their MC-707 groovebox synthesizer & sequencer.

Here’s a hands-on demo from Roland’s Peter Brown.

The MC-707 Groovebox offers eight-track recording, sequencing, sampling, synthesizers, and studio-grade effects, plus a curated palette of sounds, loops, and phrases.

Pricing and Availability

The Roland MC-707 is shipping now, priced at US $999.99.

21 thoughts on “Roland MC-707 Hands-On Demo At Knobcon 2019

      1. one of the reasons we choose hardware against pc is physical controls and in this aria the mc707 lacks against the mc909.
        Of course after 15+ Years has to be deeper and more advanced but again, mc 909 on that days with that build quality, was “Mercedes”… mc707 is something like “VW Polo” maybe?

        1. This is a silly point since both computers and hardware can have about as much physical control as you want because… midi controllers. You can’t add depth that doesn’t come in the box but you can add more controls.

          1. You can add more controls to mc-707 via midi? Maybe you can but never be the same immediate, you can’t add 16 tracks as the mc909 has… and this is not the only plus… if you compare these two you will find other things, let’s say, D Beam, let’s say, bigger screen, ok the screen is too old compare with mc707 but even mc707 does not have the best screen for 2019… what I want to say is, an mc909, 2019 version will be faaar away front of the mc707 wich is shine as it is new but years later will lose this shine… mc909 is the big brother compare to mc303 or mc505 or mc809… mc707 is steps back and will never be the big brother if the company continues the “Groovebox” line…

            1. I think that you should go and check the specs of MC707 and compare them with the specs of MC909. And unfortunately for you it’s like night and day. MC909 was the king once. Now MC707 is on top

          2. You just say things because you are madly in love with words it would seem. This as such is not nessecarilly a bad thing my friend. you have made one or two good points at one time or another but I have to say that you are quite wrong about the whole hardware vs computer hybrid things that you have been speculating about. They are two completely different objects and one can only heighten the abilities of the other over a period of time thereby making you’re argument obsolete my friend. Good try and good luck next time my buddy.

            1. Dear Jong, you misunderstood something maybe, the discussion here is not Hardware Groovebox vs PC. Here we have two Hardware who use the same name, Groovebox and for a new product you expect more things from the previous who released 15+ years before… This why I said, the old was Mercedes and the new VW Polo, when Mercedes (something like mc909 2019 version)release new model then will worth my money…
              If the mc707 is ok for you, enjoy it, Cheers…

          1. How can you put 808 in third place? It’s in most ways better than both 909 and 505! MC 707 should be first on The list. No doubt!

  1. Ok , we can say, the standard groovebox of end 90ies was yamaha rs 7000. And now, i still hope yamaha do the new standard groovebox sequencer: With good midi, more midi track (32 is good) and , why not, cv gate.

    1. I also hope that Yamaha do a new sampling groovebox, but if they do it will contain the awm2 sounds and be called something like the groovemotif and be housed in a rehashed reface synth case….

      1. Access Virus should be in groovebox format / 8 track sequencer with mixer, eq, compression , 2 effects per channel. Also be cool if had inserts for guitar pedals external effects that could be routed per channel.

        Or even better just give me a nice sounding 16 track mixing board (like mackie) with a HQ rompler inside and sequencer with 16 step grid. each channel that could be used with internal sounds or midi channels.

  2. This is fantastic this is sure to put smelly old Electron out of business. This will destroy them. This is fantastic. I’ve now pre-ordered one of each to further compliment my all Roland setup including but not limited to Sp-404a, JDXI. TR-8S, MX1, and the utterly fantastic Roland V4 vocal robot voice machine. ALL OF you Electron fanboise can now kiss yourselves goodbye because it’s over before it had ever really even begun.

  3. Sad thing is it’s so light it just flys around your desk just like that tr8s shame really as I really wanted to keep it but it doesn’t feel quite right for the money.

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