Roland MC-101 Groovebox First Look At Knobcon

At Knobcon 2019, Roland debuted their MC-101 groovebox synthesizer & sequencer.

The MC-101 Groovebox has sound, sequencing, and effects capabilities similar to its larger counterpart, the MC-707, but in a compact four-track version that can run for up to five hours on four AA batteries.

Here’s a hands-on demo from Roland’s Peter Brown.

Pricing and Availability

The MC-101 groovebox synthesizer & sequencer is expected to be available in Sept, priced at US $499.99.

10 thoughts on “Roland MC-101 Groovebox First Look At Knobcon

  1. Hi, everyone yes this has me intrigued I’ve posted to my page and my feedback is yes that’s what the fans would like to learn to do spoken word at home then there’s remote communities perfect to add multicultural to their traditional rhythms and beats. And I can see myself programming live not sure if can schedule in but will be organised too.

            1. Its got far more than 4 voices/parts. And its got a massive soundset and loads of effects etc. So yeah it’s indeed a steal.

  2. Hope this inspires Novation to make a Circuit Pro. But trying to come up with a clever name gives me a headache; peak -> summit seems reasonable. But Circuit -> Tour? District?

    1. Thinking of things a step up from the various respective uses of the word, I’d dig “Novation Relay,” “Novation Mainframe,” “Novation Drive,” or “Novation Rally.” Personally, I’d be most turned on by the “Novation Breaker” but I think that’s a passable cheap guitar pedal name that no marketing person would ever want to put on something as expensive and technical as a $500ish dollar groovebox.

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